Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Was I a Rajasthani in my last past life?

Rajasthani in last past life

Love for Rajasthan


It never occurred to me till the time my new Rajasthani colleague told me Surely you were a Rajasthani in your last past life. She was surprised to see a North-East girl being so fond of Rajasthani food and fashion. According to her, vegetarian food cooked by me tasted so Rajasthani. I wondered. After getting to hear so much from her I started thinking about my connection with Rajasthan. I still remember when I was small I used to dance a lot on the song Morni baga ma bole from the Hindi movie Lamhe. I would never get tired dancing on that song. I used to love Sri Devi in that song, the scene in the sand with bonfire. Another movie which is so closed to my heart is Dor, a story about two women from two extreme places - Kashmir and Rajathan. The movie was shot mostly in Rajasthan. I first heard the Rajasthani folk song Kesariya balam in this movie. It touched my heart deep inside. I felt as if the song was addressing me, something was welcoming me to Rajasthan. 

My first visit to Rajasthan was a spontaneous road trip to Jaipur. It was a car+bike trip which was an amazing experience. It was not deja vu but when I reached there I felt the place was quite familiar. I didn't feel that I was coming there for the first time. Slowly things changed. In the past couple of years I have been to few other places in Rajasthan. But I did not get that feeling anymore. In fact I have forgotten how I used to feel when I visited there. Then came this Rajasthani song from Coke Studio - Laadki. It refreshes the connection. This song mesmerizes me, simply takes me to somewhere I don't know. I love listening to this song again and again. I love dancing to the beats of this song again and again. I am heading to Jaisalmer and Jodhpur very soon. I am excited about my trip, and much more excited to see if I get connected to the place. Perhaps this trip answers my question Was I a Rajasthani in my last past life?.

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  1. yeah i feel d same thing for rajasthan...but not sure about a dish i made it never tastes like rajasthani food. i also want to explore this place.