Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Self Praising is good for Health

Self Praising is good for health Self Praising

Self Praising

I write, I write for my own happiness and satisfaction. I feel happier when people appreciate my writings, when people encourage me to write more. But given a scenario where people dislike my writings, should I give up writing? No way. I love my own writings. The first person for whom I write is "Myself". The first person whom I want to impress is "Myself". Life is interesting if you show interest to life. Every small thing you do for yourself and your dear ones, do it with full heart. If you are happy with the outcomes, praise yourself, reward yourself even if your loved ones forget to praise you. That new dish you tried the other day was too good, pat yourself on the back. You just helped someone in need, be proud of yourself. We already have too many critics in this world to criticize us, to find faults in us.  Be an encourager, encourage yourself, encourage others to do good things, things which make you and others happy. Before stepping out from your house look at your mirror and tell yourself "I look amazing, I am gonna have a great day.".

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