Friday, October 2, 2015

My newly developed love for Pakistani TV Serials

Love for Pakistani TV Serials

Pakistani TV Serials

I am not somebody who watches daily Hindi Soaps which come in almost all entertainment channels. In fact, I can't stand them... the saas-bahus, love triangles, twist & turns, melodrama, overloaded make-ups, over-loud dresses etc etc. But these few select Pakistani Serials which come in Zindagi Channel are different. They are simple, yet very polished and sophisticated.  I feel good and refreshed watching them, unlike feeling irritated on even seeing trailers of Indian daily soaps. Don’t blindly believe me, see it to believe it. Perhaps there are similarities in storylines - everything revolves around love, hate, happiness, sadness, problems and solutions. But the way they bring characters and ambience around, it’s  very calm and soothing with no unwanted masala, twist and turns which we see in heavy dose in Indian soaps.

I don’t have problem with the entire Indian TV Industry. I am sure there are few good shows/soaps even though major chunks are junks. I know there are people who love them. But my choice is different. Enough with all annoying bans - #maggiban, #pornban, #meatban, #beefban…  Next time I will vote for the political party who bans illogical over-hyped Indian Daily Soaps.

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