Monday, October 19, 2015

Don't you have self respect?

Give respect have respect
Self Respect

Self Respect

Don't you have self respect? a friend asked me. I neither felt offended nor was I angry at him. Rather he was the one angry at me for being nice to people not worth. Another good friend told me Nirmala, you are too good. Surely it was not a compliment. What he meant was why I was being nice to people who tried to harm me. People in this modern world follow tit for tat policy a lot. If he is good to me, I am good to him and vice versa. I am also one of them, not a Saint. But I have few ideologies which are different. And I am happy I follow them. We are mere humans and no human is perfect. More you realize this point, a better and happier life you will live. I have come across different kinds of people - good, bad, ugly. I have been blessed with great family and friends who are always there for me, whom I can count on anytime. At the same time, I had people in life who broke me down, pulled me down. But I have no complains, rather, I am thankful to God for all the good things happened to me.

So, what is Self Respect? Respecting Oneself? I would say respect others to respect yourself. There are people who have been good and bad as well to me. Considering the fact that they are just humans, I focus on the good things they did to me and ignore the bad sides of them. Trust me, when you start observing positive sides of people, you will become more positive, you will have more respect for people around you and ultimately you gain your inner self respect and inner happiness.

P.S. - Whenever you open your mouth to say something, say something good.


  1. You are too good no doubt, superwoman with an innocent soul. But... It only adds to your beauty. Initially I had the same mentality too. But now I realise, being too good isn't bad at all!

    1. Love you sweetheart. So happy to see you growing up and maturing as a good person. And sooooo happy to know about your cracking NIFT entrance test. Keep rocking darling!