Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Anjali is now with Him!

Little girl Anjali is now with God Anjali... born into an elite family in Cochin, her father an actor, her grandfather a famous and respectful man in the city, is a 3 years old cute girl. Acting is in her genes. She is 3 but she is already a good actor. Her favourite scene is playing role of a dying girl in her last breath. She does it so naturally, no kidding. 

Anjali is sweetheart but very smart and witty. Yes, she is just 3 years and some months old. I am her favorite. She loves my hair and skin. Whenever she sees me, her first sentence is "Aunty, can I touch your hair, can I touch your face?". Her beautiful eyes will become wider while playing with my hair. She has got those beautiful curly hair but she wants my long straight hair. She will complain to her mom why she does not have long straight hair. 

Anjali is not an ordinary child. I was surprised to see her dedication towards God. She has more faith in Jesus than anyone else in the family. She will not miss praising God while playing with her friends and toys. I was very sure that Jesus will be always there with her, safegaurding her. 

I knew that Anjali was God's own child, but I didn't know that God love her so much that He will take her away from us. That day Anjali was on a holiday at a place far away from Cochin. While playing with her friends by a pond side she told her friends "Look, Jesus is standing beside us.". She insisted her friends to see that He was smiling at them. None of her friends could see anything. Only later people realized Jesus came to take His favorite Child to Heaven.

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