Monday, October 26, 2015

A night of terror which will never be forgotten even if I want to

Night of Terror

Night of Terror

It was a night which we thought would be a night to remember, a night full of fun, after all 3 girls were meeting together after a long time.  

It was 9ish at night when we were returning home, looking forward to a gala girls night at my place. As usual I was in the driver seat. While I was driving slowly due to traffic jam, a biker knocked on my car window and said There is a riot going ahead. If possible go back. I heard him, I looked around, everything and everyone seemed normal. I didn't believe him. Perhaps because  riot is something I get to hear and see in movies and news channels,  my brain denied to believe the man sent by God.  

After driving not even a km, I started sensing  unusual things. On the other side of the road I saw a group of people carrying a body full of blood. After sometime, a mad mob came and choked the entire road. I wanted to take a u-turn but it was too late. They blocked both sides of the road. My car was the first to get trapped in that mad crowd. People started screaming Delhi police hai hai. They started burning effigies right in front of my car. We were literally surrounded by a mad mob. Then came the worse part,  people started jumping over my car. Few of them told us to leave the car and run away. They were not going to spare anyone and anything. In such scenario people normally become numb and their brains stop working. My case was different. My brain worked faster. There were so many things running in my head. I was responsible for the safety of 3 women, including me. Getting down the car in that very short dress I was wearing was not a good idea at all. I had to drive out of the place by hook or by crook. 

God is great. For the second time He sent saviors for us. Five people from the same crazy crowd turned out to be our protectors. They assured us that we would be safe and no one would harm us. They stopped other people from attacking our car. They escorted our car while I was driving in reverse. Then they helped me in taking a u-turn. God bless You were the words from three of us for those unknown angels sent by God. 

While I was driving at the wrong side, people continued to throw stones on cars and buses.  I was somehow managing to escape from the place. Then I saw the car in front of me. The driver was a policeman in uniform. My next challenge was to overtake that car as I would also be in trouble if I kept following that car. The policeman literally joint hands and begged for his life in front of the angry mob. I didn't know how but I overtook the car and many other vehicles. For the first time I felt proud of my own driving, it saved us. I thanked my dad inside my heart who taught me driving when I was in my 10th class. Things we saw in movies happened right in front of us, we were part of it. It was indeed a miraculous escape. For a moment I prayed for the victims of such unfortunate terrible incidents. And every moment of that night we thanked God for saving us.  

Lesson Learnt - Listen to all kinds of words of caution even if they are from strangers. Do not ignore!


  1. Bone chilling. Same effect even when you narrated it to me and now while reading it. But yes, amidst all the violence and chaos, the power up there sent you saviours to protect you. These are the times when all our prayers to God and most importantly, good Karma come to our rescue. God give those angels a really long & goof life for helping my sweethearts out kiss emoticon You guys are truly blessed & lucky

    1. Darling... thanks for dropping a comment on this. Seriously, God bless those 5 angels who saved us. Without them, it would have been a different story altogether.