Friday, September 18, 2015

Why I love my Journey of 3 States?

My Journey of 3 States

Journey of 3 States

First of all, I stay in my own house which I have purchased with my hard-earned money. Being a rare breed of homemaker+breadwinner combination I have successfully transformed this house to a Home Sweet Home. It might sound practical to put this house on rent and stay myself in a rented house near my workplace but frankly speaking I don't like this idea. And I have a simple rule - I don't do things which I don't like or which makes me not-happy. 

Now to the next question which I get very often - "Why are you wasting your precious 3 to 4 hours in journey?". Let me clarify that I don't waste my 3 hours of journey. I drive till the nearest metro station from where I take a direct metro to my workplace. And these good 3 hours are consumed on gaining knowledge by reading some good quality content, upgrade my knowledge of new trends in technology and market, check what is happening around etc... all sitting inside metro. I can't thank enough to the great experts who share useful information on web. 

There is nothing right or wrong. Some people might say its good, others might say how stupid of me. I won't mind people calling me stupid if doing stupid things makes me happy. Next time someone shows empathy /sympathy on my 3 states journey or has questions/concerns, I will simply share this post. So simple!!!

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