Monday, September 14, 2015

Bangkok to New Delhi - A flight journey... I pray for her

Flight Journey from Bangkok to New Delhi
Thai Airways

Bangkok to New Delhi

After a satisfying official (cum personal) trip, I bid Bye to Thailand with happiness and smile. When I reached my seat in the flight I was surprised to see a girl already sitting on my seat. She looked SE-Asian but not sure if she was Thai. I asked her in English what was her seat no. She didn't understand me. She pointed to someone sitting somewhere. But I couldn't understand whom she was pointing to. Through sign language (showing my boarding pass) I asked her to show her boarding pass. Thank God she understood. Her seat was next to me. I said in sign language that I was okay with swapping our seats. I asked her if she was from Thailand. No answer. For a moment I wondered if she was deaf and dumb. I knew she wasn't when she asked me where to insert the headphone pin (sign language again). 

Thai Air-hostesses are so pretty, flawless beauty I must say. Thai Airways caption says Smooth as Silk. I think what they meant are not the flights but the attendants. Anyways, coming back to my story, when flight attendants came with food and asked her if she wanted veg or non-veg, she didn't answer anything. Then I told the air-hostess I think she is Thai. The attendant tried to speak to her in Thai. But I was wrong, she didn't understand. So again in sign language I asked her if she wanted food & drink. She expressed No with a very irritated look. By then I started sensing something fishy. Call it side effects of watching human trafficking documentaries, crime patrol and savdhaan India of the world but I wasn't sensing good. I asked her Which country?, no answer. In sign language I asked her to show her passport, again negative. For a moment I thought I should stalk her. I was actually worried for her. I was wondering Should I ask the attendant to check who is with her?. I was totally exhausted and with the combination of two glasses of red wine and all these unusual thoughts I dozed off. I got up when the flight landed New Delhi. Like a short term memory lost patient I didn't recall any of my previous thoughts. It was only when I was sitting in the cab talking to my cousin on phone and she asked me about my flight and co-passengers, I remembered about the girl sitting next to me. I felt not good... Oh Shit!!! Where did she go? With whom? Is she safe?...". 

I don't know her at all. But I was worried for her. On humanitarian grounds, I prayed for her. I hope she is safe and in safe hands.

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