Friday, September 25, 2015

Have you ever thought of building a connection between Thailand and Haryana?

Building connection between Thailand and Haryana I came across an article on serious issue in Haryana with gender imbalance where the ratio of male and female is 6:1. This reminds me of my recent meeting at Thailand where we were analysing Thailand performance reports. I was surprised to see that 80% of our prospects are females. Just to make sure the stats are correct, I asked my local team about the male-female ratio in Thailand. The answer surprised me more – it is 1:6 (male:female). And then there are shemales which cover 16% of the population. 

If you see from my perspective, the imbalances in these two places can be cured with transnational marriages. Imagine a Haryanvi boy getting married to a Thai girl. Interesting, cool, not-cool?? I bet Haryanvi boys will like my idea. But there is a hitch. In Thailand groom’s family give dowry to bride’s family. Another interesting thing which I came to know from my Thai male colleagues is that they want to get married to Indian girls. This way they get double benefits – they won’t need to give dowry, they get it in return. 

I could clearly see that Thailand is one of the safest countries for females. I don’t know if it’s because of the much higher female population or the morals taught to the people (male and female) in the Land of Buddha. I hope someday even India will become a safe place for females. 

Disclaimer – Stats are just my learnings from the interaction with various people. Don’t quote it anywhere. I might be wrong.

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