Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Life in a Delhi Metro (Episode 2)... Encounter with a woman of substance

Life in a Delhi Metro - Encounter with a woman of Substance

Strong Woman

So there is this lady sitting one seat away from me. I don't know how her conversation started with the girl sitting next to me (as I was busy in my twitter world). But her exceptionally authoritative voice makes me stop what I was reading and look at her. She looks pretty and quite younger to me. When I start listening to their conversation I realize she sounds amazingly strong and positive. She proudly tells the other lady that she is a single mother blessed with a wonderful child, her husband expired sometime ago. She continues... When God takes away something from you, He gives you something in return. She has no complaint against God. She has full faith in Him. She doesn't want to continue mourning about her past. She smiles and says I am hopeful that I will find another life partner who will accept my baby also. I totally admire her. I continue to admire her even after she gets down at her station. She is indeed an inspiration!

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