Saturday, June 27, 2015

It happened with me today...

Problem faced at an ATM I went to an HSBC bank ATM to withdraw money. To my horror neither the money nor my card came out. I got the sms that money was withdrawn. I immediately went to the guard to seek help. Also since the office was in the same premise I was hopeful that I will get back my card today and money will be refunded within 7 days. 

I got another shock when guard told me that the particular machine has been giving many problems including retaining money & card inside, false alarms etc. But no action was taken. When I approached to the Office desk, instead of giving me the solution the lady attendant was blaming my card that may be the card didn't have money so it got blocked. She told me that I cannot get my card today and I have to come tomorrow. And she is not sure what time, so I have to first call and come. Holy Crap... I blasted her. Then she hated me more, I was like an unwanted species on earth. Unable to handle me she told me that I have to go to the main branch. I realized there is no point on screaming on the wall. 

I went to the main branch. On the way I digged out HSBC Bank India CEO, some generic and senior level people email ids. I wrote a very strong disappointment email to them specifying that I want my card today. I don't know if it's my email or the people at main branch liked me, initially they said I have to come tomorrow but later they told me to wait for 15 mins. And finally I got back my card.

Lesson learnt : Don't simply give up. When one door gets closed, look out for other doors.

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